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"And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers" Acts 2:42

We hope that with the information provided here we can get to know each other better, answer your questions about what a Baptist church is and encourage you to contact us. In our meetings we focus on teaching the Bible to know Jesus better, practice fellowship with one another as the Body of Christ, and take the Lord's Supper every Sunday in remembrance of the death, resurrection and second coming of Jesus. We offer prayers and worship through Psalms and hymns.

Meetings can be either in French or Spanish.

Our Church

Hendaye Baptist Church is a local congregation founded in this French Basque town.

To our knowledge we are the first protestant or evangelical church in Hendaye, historically speaking.

The people who come to the Baptist Church of Hendaye are normal people, with jobs, families and problems like anyone else. But one thing unites us: faith in Jesus Christ.

We do not own a place where we meet together, so our meetings are held in homes, as the early church did.

Our Services

We meet every Sunday for a common cause: To worship Jesus and try to learn more about him.

For this reason we study the Bible, because we believe it is the only valid and reliable way to find God. We learn from the Bible, build ourselves in faith and the common hope we have with each other.

Our meetings are:

Every Sunday at 11.00 h

To contact us:

E-mail: baptisthendaye@gmail.com

+33 7 82 66 75 46

Directions: look Here.

Baptist Christians?

Because of the confusion caused by the large number of sects that claim to be "Christian" or "evangelical," we have, for better or for worse, a label: we are Baptists.

A few centuries ago the name "Baptist" was first used to describe certain churches in northern Europe. The name was used contemptuously to refer to congregations that declared themselves independent of ecclesiastical control of the national church of the area and who practiced the baptism of adults and proclaimed the separation of church and state. Therefore, they were strongly persecuted.

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